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Tyvek Plastics / Holographic Vinyl

Our Products

Our wristbands serve as easily visible, non-transferrable wrist ticket worn by your patrons. You may use our wristbands for general admission or special access (VIP areas, concerts, seatings, free-drinks, etc) easily identifiable by your staff. You may also use these wristbands for identifying special groups of people (usher, volunteers, corporate, press, etc) with our wide color range of our wristbands.

With security features (i.e. destruct die-cut, serialized number, single-use snaps) our wristbands offer a great option for gate control, security, without disregarding comfort wear. You may customize your wristbands to fit your exact need and distinguishing your event with others at the same time! From general admission and VIP access to promotion media and safety.

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