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Products - Vinyl

Our Tyvek® Wristbands range of products:
Vinyl Narrow Wristbands Cash Tag Tyvek 3/4" Tyvek
Vinyl Narrow Wristbands Vinyl Cash Tag Wristbands Vinyl Wideface Wristbands


"Why our Vinyl Wristbands?"

  1. Secure, one-time-use, locking plastic snaps
  2. Recommended days of use: 1 - 14
  3. Soft and comfortable
  4. Durable for extended use events
  5. Three layer construction - Recyclable
  6. Waterproof construction
  7. Made in North America
  8. Available with multiple tabs

For more information, please contact us, or browse to the specific Vinyl Wristbands.

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