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Healthcare Overview

Proper identification of drugs, lab samples, blood transfusions, treatments-and the patients-ensures better healthcare. Healthcare is made safer and easier- for the patient and the staff: from admitting and automating patient records to drug distribution and supply tracking. Integrated systems allow streamlined patient care management, drug identification, lab test tracking, pharmacy systems, records management and billing.

On the patient floor, nurses are constantly on the move. As nurses scan patient armbands, drugs, and supplies, they are cross-referenced for accurate dispensing and record keeping, giving nurses more time with their patients and less time spent on paperwork. Doctors stay informed with immediate updates to patients' electronic records, and hospital management has better visibility of activities throughout the facility. 

In the pharmacy, handheld scanners eliminate paperwork and paper-based trails that can suffer from errors and get lost. The right drugs get to the right patient at the right time. And pharmacy managers benefit from deeper insight into what drugs are used and where, adding security to better management.

In admitting, scanning and electronic patient records reduce the mind-boggling paperwork required before a patient can be treated. Handheld scanners make quick work of initiating patient records and eliminate paper redundancies, so common in highly regulated services, like healthcare. The bottom line - more patients can be admitted and treated faster.

Bar Code ID Solutions meet these Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals:
  • Improve the accuracy of patient identification
  • Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers
  • Improve the safety of using medications
  • Reconcile medications across the continuum of care
  • Reduce the risk of patient harm from falls
  • Encourage patients’ active involvement in their own care
  • Improve recognition and response to changes in a patient’s condition
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